SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone v1.1.0 update is Live!

Planning is proud to announce SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone v1.1.0 update has been released from Central to the App Store.

This update features improvements to the AI and a simpler decision path which creates a smoother gameplay.

The playing disc and obstacles now flash interactively with impacts. The obstacles themselves can also be switched on and off at will according to the wishes of you, the gentle player.

Our mechanics have also engineered an adaptation which partially empties the game board when the large disc is selected.

More new features are on the way for SteamPunk Hockey!

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Our Mechanics Are Tinkering

SteamPunk Hockey Central Works have received a telegraphed missive from Planning that improvements are proceeding rapidly.
Players will soon be able to install game obstacles or remove them at a moment’s notice. Planning has suprised Central further with the news this player choice will be recalled by the game works in between plays.

Our top hats off to the fellows in Planning, they certainly deserve a pint and a lark for this!

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SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is LIVE in the App Store!

We are pleased to announce that SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is now available in the App Store.

To view at your leisure and purchase, presently click: SteamPunk Hockey

We sincerely hope you enjoy our offering!

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The modern electrical marvel – SteamPunk Hockey!

Wherein we describe the modern electrical marvel that is SteamPunk Hockey

Hockey re-imagined with the finest of Victorian technologies!

No expense is spared to bring you the newest electric entertainments of our modern age.

Featuring meticulously hand-rendered brass and crystal instruments of precision, SteamPunk Hockey remakes an old tradition into a modern experience for young and old alike!

Control the electric and magnetic properties of your paddle to score upon the opponent’s goal with your choice of game disc.

A single player experience for a moment’s diversion from your worldly troubles, a startling twenty-three levels with more on the way.

Propelled by the Cocos2D engine and featuring physics-based play. SteamPunk Hockey is also OpenFeint Enabled.

? Single-player
? Constructed for the elegant iPhone
? 23 levels premade
? Endless random levels after 23rd.
? Two paddle sizes
? Three disc sizes
? OpenFeint Leaderboards
? Screenshots

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