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Air Hockey as Jules Verne would have imagined it! 5/5
This is the best air-hockey game app I’ve tried, beautiful and funny!  The action is as it should be, smooth and natural.  This is the hockey game to get!

Love it! 5/5
I love both air hockey and steam punk so i had to have this game. Graphics and game are both superb. Can’t wait to see more from this publisher!

OMG Best Air Hockey Game! 5/5
I keep playing it ALL THE TIME
I just cant stop 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

the best hockey game on iPhone 5/5
“I tried all hockey games on iPhone but this one is definitly the best ive played.”

Best “air hockey” app on the iPhone 5/5
“This game is really air hockey done right.  Air hocky on its own is fun… but boring.  This app dresses the simple game up in a way that keeps you coming back to it.  The graphics are clean, sharp and very atmospheric fitting the “steam punk” concept.  The sounds/music are excellent and suit the game extremely well.  There are also a number of options for different levels of difficulty (puck size/mallet size/etc).


Sehr schön gestaltetes Spiel 5/5
“ein sehr gelungenes Game mit super gestalteter Grafik und kurzweiligem Spielspaß. Läuft super gut und die steuerung ist präzise. Die Achievments geben einen guten Ansporn weiterzuspielen. Einen Kauf ist es auf jeden Fall wert.”
(Very nicely designed game)
“Really a very successful game with super-designed graphics and entertaining gameplay. Runs super good, and control is precise. The Achievements give you a good incentive to continue playing. A purchase, it is worth.”

Toll! 5/5
“Ich kann das Spiel nur empfehlen:) Ich liebe es!”
I can only recommend this game:) I love it!


Muy bueno 4/5
“Para pasar un rato (Very good way to spend time)”


🙂 5/5
“Bon jeu 🙂 à télécharger (good game to download)”

Tres sympa 4/5
“Bien plus originale que les autres de ce type graphiquement meilleur, il manque seulement une musique dambiance pendant la partie.”
Very Nice.
“Much more original than others such graphically better, missing only one dambiance music during the game.”


Awesome 5/5
“The best hockey game I’ve ever played on iPhone. Thanks every one straight from my heart  who are behind the game.”

v1.3.0 updates 5/5
“The updates have addressed pretty much all the gripes I had.
We now have music, along with some well thought out sound and visual effects. There’s no lag with either the puck or mallet. Best played with headphones on for the full aural extravaganza.”

Great Game 5/5
“Easy to use, much better than Glow Hockey… Great game”

Beautiful Presentation 5/5
“It is an absolute joy to play, the sound effects elevate this simple air hockey variation into something very tactile and special. No real hunger for any extras and features, but maybe shorten the name, just so it loses the “…” on the iPhone display.”


4/5 stars

(Google translation: As a game, but it may be difficult to ease slightly (because the air hockey iPhone might not fit.)
Court??Nna on (similar to pinball), so there is gimmick, fun and play.
Above all, this game is a great atmosphere. SE and design, as there is a sense of quality antique furniture.
The first was played through earphones, so I get confused with the sound of the music actually outside the house, there was a deep sound. Are free, I would not hurt to drop a good app.
??? Thank you! !”)

Air Hockey App \(^o^)/ 5/5

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?????????Air Hockey ????????????? ??????????????(?????4??????)
??????? ‘????????????’ ?????????????????Air Hockey?????????????
??????????????Up??????????????Point?Up??????????????? ????????????(?)
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?? ??????????????????????Air Hocky???????????????????????

??????????? ‘??? ???????’ ??????????(????????????????????????)
??????????Level??????????? ???????????
????? ??Level???????? High Level? ??????????
‘???????????????…’ ??????????Level?????????

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????????? ?OFF??????? ????? ??????(Hockey?)??????????????
????????? ‘???Air Hockey’ ??????? ??????? (??????????????)
?????????????????Air Hockey App???????????????????????? ???????? ???????(???????????)

??????? ?????????2, 3??????????Point?Up?????”??Point???” ????????
??????????Level? ??????????????????????????????????????????
????????????OFF (Steam?????) ??????
(????????????????????(?´???)?? ) ???????????


Geweldig (Great) 5/5
“Echt een aanrader en zeer verslavend (Highly recommended, and very addictive)”


Rewelacja 5/5
Najlepszy obok ‘Touch Hockey’ “cymbergaj” na iPhone’a. Super grafika, steampunkowa stylistyka, ?wietny “metaliczny d?wi?k uderze?, kilka opcji rozgrywki. Multiplayer na jednym Phonie oczywi?cie rz?dzi 🙂 Polecam!
The best side “Touch Hockey” on the iPhone. Cool graphics, steampunkowa design, great “metallic” sound of blows, a few gameplay options. Phone Multiplayer on one course, ruled:) I recommend!”

Swietne! (Excellent!) 5/5
“Grafika, muzyka, grywalno?? ! Polecam! (Graphics, music, gameplay! Recommend!)”

Buen juego 5/5

Mejor que el de hockey de flipside y también mejor que del hockey que marea, el de colorsitos, me justa mucho los sonidos y efectos, estaría buen que le añadan un multujigador para variar
(Better than the flipside hockey and hockey better than the tide, that of colorsitos, I just much the sounds and effects, it would be good for a change add a multujigador)


Muito Bom (Excellent) 5/5
“Extremamente aditivo. Bons gráfico, gfx e muita rapidez de movimentos.
(Extremely addictive. Good graphics, gfx and lots of fast movements.)”


Try it on iPad 5/5
This game rocks the iPad. Please update graphics for iPad screen.

The best air hockey ever 5/5
Definately the best game of this kind in the AppStore.

– Best air hockey ever
– Mega polished
– Mega detailed
– Customizable gameplay (pucks, player, obtacles)
– Sounds great (literaly – steam sounds are really “steam”)
– Multiplayer (two players on one device)

– Wi-Fi Multiplayer!

A comparison with Air Hockey 5/5
As far as air hockey games go, this is one of the best. I’ve downloaded and play only one close to this one (Air Hockey). Air Hockey, though, does have a couple features that SteamPunk Hockey does not, namely: Bluetooth peer-to-peer playing, and a more intuitive difficulty setting. In Air Hockey, difficulty is set as “kiddie”, easy, medium, hard, expert, or insane. The kiddie and easy levels cause a computer opponent to really slow down, like it’s stuck in the mud. Likewise, the insane level causes it to speed up to the point that you can barely see it move on screen. Finally, in Air Hockey, one has a choice of playing 1 or 2 pucks concurrently. Gameplay continues until the first player achieves 9 goals.

In SteamPunk Hockey, the design is very elegant, with fantastic “steam”-like sound effects (though annoying in-game music, which can be easily disabled), with a primarily burgundy and gold color scheme. SteamPunk Hockey does not support Bluetooth P2P. Also, difficulty is set in a more obscure way: the player chooses the size of the mallet (beneath the finger, which governs the momentum it imparts to the puck) and the size of the “platter” (the puck, which changes the speed it travels when it receives the momentum from the mallet): for slowest gameplay, choose a small mallet and a large puck. For fast gameplay, choose a large mallet and a small puck. SteamPunk also allows direct selection of the level at which to play. Although you may play with only 1 puck at a time, there are obstacles that can be added to the table which are similar in some ways. Gameplay continues until the first player achieves 7 goals.

5 Star General 5/5

This game is one of the truest 5 stars you’ll ever find on iTunes. Game is always updated with actual upgrades towards the gameplay, adding more options and layers of gameplay making a mediocre game a challange, with style 😀 effin love the developers you make the game better every week. And thank u for adding 4 pucks. 4 pucks = freshershist.

Ya boi! 5/5
this game by far the best hockey app ever! its got great graphics and awesome sounds! 🙂 🙂 the update was freakin awesome

“I’ve had this and air hockey by acceleroto on my phone and was crunched for space so I was just going to delete steampunk until the update today. New obstacles, new themes. A lot of attitude. Surprised no-one has mentioned it yet. Good job […]! I guess acceleroto will get the boot now. ” CygnetSeven / TouchArcade forums

Love it 5/5
I’m on lvl 2o

Outstanding 4/5
Outstanding gameplay, graphics and sound design.  Why isn’t this in the top 50?

Great air hockey game 5/5
Please add online multiplayer mode. That would make the game a thousand times better!

The Mimi Review 5/5
Out of my 7 reviews this air hockey game is the winner. Fancy table, puck,
and opsticles. With many levels and you can save and delete scores this is a truly fun game that does not get old.

Amazing Game 5/5
I really like the art style. And the sound effects are perfect too. And it’s one of the best hockey apps out there.

Love it 5/5
Without question, the best table hockey game out there! Great graphics, great sound effects, great styling and great game play. — love the obstacles.

Good Game 5/5!
I don’t know why this game hasn’t been in the top 25. I think it should. Fun game I’ve played

🙂 5/5
Awesome game!  I love the design and sound effects!

Very Impressed 5/5
I normally don’t like table hockey games I have tried a few in the past and had ridden them off but since I had a possibilty to get it free I tried it and it is awesome!!!! Any other game of this kind isn’t even from the same planet it seems. This is so well done I love it and recommend it.

Sweet Game 5/5
I think this a pretty good air hockey game w a twist. I enjoyed the featured options. Better than fs5 free hockey.

Fantastic take on air hockey 5/5
This game is beautiful, the sound and graphics together form a fantastic take on air hockey. Anyone looking for a uniqe and fun arcade game look no further because this is it.

Best air hockey game for the iPhone 5/5
I can now delete my other air hockey games I’ve downloaded. I’ll never play them again. They weren’t bad, and they were fun, but Steampunk Hockey is just a cut above the rest. It’s obvious a lot of time and love went into this game – The steampunk graphics perfectly capture the genre. Gameplay is amazing. And with the added obstacles on the board – which you can turn off if you desire – it’s added a level of originality not found in other air hockey apps, or indeed, even the original game itself. An excellent addition for the steampunk or air hockey fan.

Amazing!!! 5/5
This should be the number one PAID app. The developer outdid him/her/themself with this one!!! THANK YOU

Most excellent air hockey game 5/5
The graphics is excellent, the steam sound mechanics are wonderful. The obstacles on the table add fun dimension to the table. Ability to customize the puck and paddle size is another plus too.
A few things I would love to see added to this excellent game is:
-maybe ability to unlock different puck or table themes through achievements
-sometimes you sight of the puck among the similar obstacles and gold&red table theme

Perfect! 5/5
From the graphics to the sounds — this game is beautifully done. Have several air hockey apps, but this is now my favorite. Kudos to the developer!
Any additional features at this point are just a bonus… But it would be fun to see new table designs and paddles. 🙂

It’s steampunk, and hockey! hell to the yes 5/5
Five starrs forr you!

Beautiful 5/5
My favorite hockey game.

Love the musical sounds 5/5
This game is so much more fun than most regular air hockey games. The graphics are great, with a magical-like feel because of all the colored sparks, but what I love most are the sound effects. Every time the puck is hit you hear musical notes. Sweet!

(Thank you, everyone who took their time to write.)

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