Temporary N-ext Dimension Abruptation

The grey fellows at Central Planning are losing their tea!

“This time, the Futurists have gone too far! We simply cannot abide this remarkable affront to the natural order of our public page. It simply will not do!”

The Futurists have offered an apology:

“Dear fellows and ladies, we beg your acceptance of our most sincere regrets. A simple experiment involving a new form of matter, which we presently refer to as Not-matter, has somehow escaped our finest grade ceramic containers and taken to this page you hold in your hands.

“Rest assured, we shall heal this inter-dimensional rift with all due haste.”

“For a view through the looking-glass, as it were, please do try the Wayback Machine – it is quite safe. Nothing could possibly go wrong.”

The Wayback Machine desitnation:SteamPunkHockey.com

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