SteamPunk Hockey HD for iPad appears in USA and Canada charts

As part of the New Year’s App Blowout (link) SteamPunk Hockey HD for iPad has made another appearance in the USA Games/Arcade and Games/Family categories of the App Store, and appears in the UK Canada charts.

*update 1 currently #74 Games/Arcade & #72 Games/Family in USA,  and #100 g/a, #87 g/f in Canada.

*update 2 currently #63 Games/Arcade & 54 Games/Family in USA, and 63/56 in Canada.

*update 3 USA: 57 Games/Arcade, 45 Games/Family, Canada: 55 g/a, 45 g/f, UK: 86, 70 Australia 86,74

Dec 31 2010 charts_7

Dec 31 2010 charts_5

Dec 31 2010 charts_4

US UK charts



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