prMac: SteamPunk Hockey HD for iPad Invades Top North American Charts



SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone charts Top 25 Games/Family/Free in 31 countries

Prague, Czech Republic – February 15, 2010 – – SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone charts Top 25 Games/Family/Free in 31 countries including Canada, USA and UK, due to the promotional efforts of OpenFeint and“I’m a fan of 19th-century craftsmanship, Romantic-era artists, and science-fiction concepts, and was out of work in fall 2009. My personal and creative best options were to try something new and challenging.” Kenn faced down unemployment and created a game to redefine the touch hockey genre, opening it up to consistent thematic and narrative possibilities.SteamPunk Hockey uses various game pieces to redirect the disc’s trajectory and redefine the gameplay for each level, much like a pinball machine or labyrinth game. The genre style allows for beauty and verisimilitude when introducing new obstacles, robot characters and narrative themes.Version 1.3 of SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is a physics-driven touch environment using the open-source Cocos2D for iPhone and Box2D game and physics frameworks.Kenneth Mayfield is a graduate of the 1991 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Canadian residing in the Czech Republic, near the UNESCO heritage city of Prague.Contact:
Kenn Mayfield.
Czech Republic
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SteamPunk Hockey HD gameplay videoScreenshots:

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SteamPunk Hockey HD for iPad

SteamPunk Hockey menu

The horizontal control panel for SteamPunk Hockey HD

SPH-HD on iPad

SteamPunk Hockey Orient SPH-HD supports up to four players and four pucks.

SteamPunk Hockey HD - Time Traveller themeSteamPunk Hockey Emerald



 SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone

SPH_145_4 pucks   SteamPunk_Hockey_140_bricks

SteamPunk_Hockey_FreeAppCalendar_banner_200x136_mayfield new web banner

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