USA, Canada, UK chart status evoking new features for SteamPunk Hockey HD for iPad

Central Planning is in a state of frenzied activity at the moment. The sudden influx of game players into SteamPunkHockeyopolis has turned the quaint village of Heigh-Dephanitian into a bustling seaport of culture and competition.

To support and interest our new arrivals, fellows in Mechanics are giving the standard paddle mechanism new upgrades, and Planning is remapping Heigh-D so as to unfetter traffic and rivalry.

The Futurists are nowhere to be seen, indicating they’ve recognized their time has come, and not a moment to lose!

Rest assured the cogwheels are in motion to deliver you, gentle player and SteamPunkHockeyoplian, new features and gameplay.

The possible future SteamPunkHockeyopolis

The possible future SteamPunkHockeyopolis village of Heigh-Dephanitian

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