The modern electrical marvel – SteamPunk Hockey!

Wherein we describe the modern electrical marvel that is SteamPunk Hockey

Hockey re-imagined with the finest of Victorian technologies!

No expense is spared to bring you the newest electric entertainments of our modern age.

Featuring meticulously hand-rendered brass and crystal instruments of precision, SteamPunk Hockey remakes an old tradition into a modern experience for young and old alike!

Control the electric and magnetic properties of your paddle to score upon the opponent’s goal with your choice of game disc.

A single player experience for a moment’s diversion from your worldly troubles, a startling twenty-three levels with more on the way.

Propelled by the Cocos2D engine and featuring physics-based play. SteamPunk Hockey is also OpenFeint Enabled.

? Single-player
? Constructed for the elegant iPhone
? 23 levels premade
? Endless random levels after 23rd.
? Two paddle sizes
? Three disc sizes
? OpenFeint Leaderboards
? Screenshots

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