SteamPunk Hockey v1.4 for iPhone released!

Version 1.4 of SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is now LIVE on the App Store.

New features include choice of themed backgrounds, a level selector to replay unlocked levels, and an AI timing selector.

SteamPunk Hockey also features a new ‘breakout brick’ obstacle and improvements to the particle emitters.

Your feedback, support and reviews are critical -thanks for sharing!

SteamPunk_Hockey_140_bricksSteamPunk Hockey level 28 sparkSteamPunk Hockey level menu

iTunes text:

93,000 new players in 3 weeks – celebrate! Peak ranking: #6 USA, #3 Germany, #2 France, #1 Japan & Italy (games/family/free), #30 Top Free overall (Italy), #11 all Games/Free (Japan). #38th Free Game in USA!
**Featured New & Noteworthy** 02/2010 Games section.

Video & reviews at
Twitter: Steampunkhockey
We listen! Next update -> particle options.

Your support will produce more options & deeper gameplay.

Version 1.4 features:
? Single and Two-Player modes
? One-button start-to-play
? Auto-save of level, score and background choice: play anytime!
? Replay unlocked levels with Level Selector
? Forty-eight levels premade
? Endless random levels thereafter
? Four selectable backgrounds
? AI timing/speed selector
? Improved particles
? Five obstacle types: accelerator, bead, barrier and gliding pylon **new** exploding “breakout” brick
? Shake to push puck into action
? Musical puck effects
? Obstacles on or off
? Physics-based motion
? Several paddle and disc sizes
? OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements!

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Battle for mayoralty of SteamPunkHockeyopolis Heats Up – review

NewsTicker flash! The battle for SteamPunkHockey’s mayoralty has new contenders. It’s a red-hot race in the making!

OpenFeint player “MARLOW” taking the lead with 1503 points! Milan (hun) close behind with 1449 points, followed by Player 103815083 (1368), andyrdgz520(1359), pik11(1296), lostintheinternet(1197) and Brentyy holding at 1170.

May the best steampunk win!

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A Small City of SteamPunk Hockey Players

SteamPunk Hockey (click: itunes link) Central Planning have analyzed the ticker-tape count results from our new SteamCountometer, and now can proudly claim to have a population of players the size of a small city! We shall name our city – SteamPunkHockeyopolis!

46,000 62,000 68,000 99,000 new residents of SteamPunkHockeyopolis from nations around the world retrieved their game copy, meant entirely for their worldly pleasures, from complimentary partners Apple, OpenFeint, and Free App a Day (which keeps app ennui at bay!).

Several have left impassioned reviews of four and five stars which, truth be told, has made us blush with pleasure – the old guys in Accountancy notwithstanding.

In the spirit of the olympic celebrations, let us convey current scoring results for our new city:

Currently we are informed that elite Leaderboard contributers have numbered past 11,000 13,000 15,000 players 24,600, and a trophy must go to OpenFeint player ‘Brentyy‘ for his singular achievement of 1170 points in SteamPunk Hockey!
Clearly an athlete of the finest breed and likely our next mayor of SteamPunkHockeyopolis.
Editor’s note: Brentyy’s courageous score of 1170 OF points is presently bested by andyrdrgz520’s performance at 1251. OF player “MARLOW” is also closing fast with 1008 points. We may see a contention for the Mayoralty.
Editor’s update: new player pik11 has taken the lead from andyrdrgz520, with longtime player lostintheinternet closing in fourth place. The race for the mayoralty is intensifying at pace.
Editor’s update: SteamPunk Hockey players have taken it to the stratosphere with an OpenFeint top score of 5427(!) by Player 118062454. The new Mayor of SteamPunkHockeyopolis?

SteamPunk Hockey is holding the line on the Apple game charts, charting Top 10 in Games/Family/Free amongst 31 countries including Italy, Japan, France, Argentina, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Canada, Australia, and the USA. The population of SteamPunkHockeyopolis is expected to grow rapidly over these next days.

In the Games/Arcade/Free category, SteamPunk Hockey is holding in the Top 30 amongst 37 nations including Austria, Singapore, UK, Australia, the USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan (at #2).
A more cosmopolitan place surely cannot be found on this good earth.

Looking to international representation across all categories, SteamPunk Hockey is charting Top Free Games at #4 in Japan, through to a precarious #49 in the USA. We have sincere hope our city will rally with new players to save the day and improve our scoring.

Lastly, let us look at global results. SteamPunk Hockey is positioned well on the Top Free (all applications) with Japan once again representing at #22, through to Italy at #44.

That is all the current news. More forthcoming as we restore boiler pressure in our amazing new contrivance, the SteamCountometer – and wrest the Pterotype from our eager journalist tangling up the typebars.

The vision of a clever peoples

The vision of SteamPunk-Hockeyopolis

Update: Accountancy has had their way; SteamPunk Hockey has now returned to the original $0.99 favoured price point. Presently we think the old guys in Accountancy are pleased, in secret!

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SteamPunk Hockey v1.3 for iPhone charting in USA, Greece, Japan

News item just received from our Telegraphist:

starting signal
steampunk hockey sighted rise in charts wait
2 in greece 2 in japan 21 in usa 23 in germany games family free wait

further special notice top game in greece at 15 wait
special note top free all games in greece at 33 wait

good speed all wait
end of work

original imprint:

– · – · –
… – . .- — .–. ..- -. -.- / …. — -.-. -.- . -.– / … .. –. …. – . -.. / .-. .. … . / .. -. / -.-. …. .- .-. – … /· – · · ·

..— / .. -. / –. .-. . . -.-. . / ..— / .. -. / .— .- .–. .- -. / ..— .—- / .. -. / ..- … .- / ..— …– / .. -. / –. . .-. — .- -. -.– / –. .- — . … / ..-. .- — .. .-.. -.– / ..-. .-. . /· – · · ·

..-. ..- .-. – …. . .-. / … .–. . -.-. .. .- .-.. / -. — – .. -.-. . / – — .–. / –. .- — . / .. -. / –. .-. . . -.-. . / .- – / .—- ….. /· – · · ·

… .–. . -.-. .. .- .-.. / -. — – . / – — .–. / ..-. .-. . . / .- .-.. .-.. / –. .- — . … / .. -. / –. .-. . . -.-. . / .- – / …– …– /· – · · ·

–. — — -.. / … .–. . . -.. / .- .-.. .-.. / · – · · ·
· · · – · –

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SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone FREE for 24 hours

Central Planning in concert with the old guys at Accountancy have agreed to a fantastical idea – SteamPunk Hockey v1.3.0 is FREE to all comers for a period of 24 hours!

Planning also reports that SteamPunk Hockey has started to make appearances in the Apple’s ‘App Store’ charts in the Games/Family/Free section.
Thus reported in good faith:

Occidental countries:
USA #51
Canada #95

Hong Kong #97
Japan #45
Taiwan #93
Thailand #89

Updates as we receive them VIA the Marconi wireless telegraphy.

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SteamPunk Hockey v1.3 update with Two-Player Mechanism

SteamPunk Hockey Central Planning is proud to announce SteamPunk Hockey v1.3.0 for iPhone update has been completed to specification and conveyed to the App Store:

Of greatest importance is completion of the Tw0-Player mechanisms. These wondrous additions allow two steampunkers to play on a single device!

Our hats are of the the mechanics here and they are sure to entitlement of rest days.

Audiophonics have adjusted the ‘accelerator’ sounds to a much more pleasing ‘whoosh’ given some discomfort with the metal scraping amongst Northern Hemisphere residents.

We have also issued Achievements for the top performers of the game, and added an acceleration sensing effect, which spurs on the playing disc when the device is shaken roughly.

Amazing new features are planned for SteamPunk Hockey!

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SteamPunk Hockey Futurists’ Report

SteamPunk Hockey Central Works, in fellowship with our Futurists Department colleagues, are pleased to announce imminent plans to develop SteamPunk Hockey for the Apple iPad.

Improving our game for you, gentle player, is constantly at the top of our daily docket rolls.
New features are planned and tested by the finest minds, instruments, and courage our modern age can provide.

Hailing from distant and exotic ports of call, our diverse team of mechanics and audiophonic engineers is working around the clock under tight security to plan this special, startling edition of SteamPunk Hockey.

Stay posted for related and forthcoming iPad edition announcements from Central Works at steampunkhockey dot com.

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SteamPunk Hockey with App Relief to benefit Haiti

SteamPunk Hockey sales from 21.10.2010 to 24.01.2010 will be donated to the Red Cross in support of the people of Haiti in their time of need.

SteamPunk Hockey iTunes purchase link:

Please visit to view participating developers and perhaps make a charitable donation directly or through the purchase of a game.

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Audiophonic Report

Steampunk Hockey Central Works has received reports from the Audiophonics department that game sounds have been worked into SteamPunk Hockey!

Players may choose to mute selectively the background music and sound effects according to whim or desire.

Audiophonics has game sounds in testing presently, and will be supplying them with the next update to you, the gentle player.

Update: Central Works is pleased to report that audio-enabled SteamPunk Hockey v1.2.0 is now available to download from the App Store.

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20/01/2010 Proceeds to be donated to Haiti

Sales proceeds from January 20, 2010  will be donated to Doctors Without Borders in support of Haiti.

purchase link: SteamPunk Hockey

SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is participating in IndieRelief’s promotional effort to raise money for the families in distress in Haiti after the 7.0 earthquake devastated homes and took lives there recently.

Donation will be gifted upon payment of proceeds from Apple.

Please visit on January 20 to purchase applications or make a donation to a charity of your choice.

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