SteamPunk Hockey v1.3 update with Two-Player Mechanism

SteamPunk Hockey Central Planning is proud to announce SteamPunk Hockey v1.3.0 for iPhone update has been completed to specification and conveyed to the App Store:

Of greatest importance is completion of the Tw0-Player mechanisms. These wondrous additions allow two steampunkers to play on a single device!

Our hats are of the the mechanics here and they are sure to entitlement of rest days.

Audiophonics have adjusted the ‘accelerator’ sounds to a much more pleasing ‘whoosh’ given some discomfort with the metal scraping amongst Northern Hemisphere residents.

We have also issued Achievements for the top performers of the game, and added an acceleration sensing effect, which spurs on the playing disc when the device is shaken roughly.

Amazing new features are planned for SteamPunk Hockey!

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