SteamPunk Hockey HD promotion

Central Planning is pleased to announce a contest of limited duration for one of 25 free promotional codes for SteamPunk Hockey iPad!

iTunes Link: SteamPunk Hockey HD

The mad have overtaken the asylum! Detailers at Central Planning have tied up the boffins in Logistics and Appearances and started a campaign to promote SteamPunk Hockey HD. Oh, the calamity!

To win a free copy of SteamPunk Hockey HD via promocode, do the following:

1. Tweet “#lastminutegifts SteamPunk Hockey HD for #iPad is turning red-hot on the App Store with a free promo code!! ”

2. Visit our FaceBook page, like & comment on #ipadonlocation :

3. PM or state your twitter and facebook handles on TouchArcade ( to receive your code.

Cheers and Zappy Holidays!

-Rebel Detailer XyrisKenn at SteamPunkHockeyopolis’ Central Planning


iTunes: linkSteamPunk Hockey iPad

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