SteamPunk Hockey HD Unleashed


The boffins at Central Planning are proud to announce SteamPunk Hockey for iPad has been conveyed to the App Store.

Version 1.2.0 iPad features:
? 1 to 4 players at once. Double-team on one opponent or double up both sides
? Up to FOUR discs at once
* Game Center leaderboard
? SIX high-quality backgrounds including exclusive ‘Time Traveller’ and new ‘SteamPumpkin Hallowe’en’ backgrounds
* Music by MorningDew Media
? One-button *fast* start-to-play
? Auto-save settings, level, score: pick up and play anytime!
? Replay unlocked levels
? Forty-eight levels premade
? Endless random levels thereafter
? AI plant life/Robot/Sentient selector
? Switchable soft/hard puck bounces
? Particles on/off
? Five obstacle types: accelerator, bead, barrier and gliding pylon, exploding “breakout” brick
? Musical sounds
? Obstacles on/off
? Physics-based motion ? Choice of paddle and disc sizes

Exotic artisans from various points east and west of the globe have generously provided new art for the theme-driven game. ‘Time Traveller‘ and the holiday-themed ‘SteamPumpkin Hallowe’en‘ round out the current offerings to six choice backgrounds.

The fellows in Mechanics have worked both over-time and magic into the iPad offering to produce a new ‘Huddle-phonic’ sensation – up to four players may compete on the iPad electrical device! Man against robot, man against fellow man, a gutter dust-up of two against one, or equal odds for the noble-hearted.

Mechanics have also added a ‘Lucid Re-configuration Circuit’ to redraw the screen as the device is rotated in-hand. Therefore SteamPunk Hockey may be played in any orientation, laterally or vertically.

Lest we forget, the Futurists will have left a note on Central Planning’s desks – how will they have done that? – that sea change is coming to SteamPunkHockeyopolis’ competitive features.


SteamPunk Hockey Pumpkin ScreenSteamPunk Hockey Time Traveller verticalSteamPunk Hockey OrientSteamPunk Hockey EmeraldSteamPunk Hockey menu

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  1. Elmer West says:

    This is a very nice air hockey game, with a steampunk flavor. You get exactly what the app describes, an old school favorite with a unique twist. The graphics are sharp and appropriately steampunky. The controls are buttery smooth with no slowdown. Worth every bit of the asking price.

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