SteamPunk Hockey Futurists’ Report

Jan - 28 2010

SteamPunk Hockey Central Works, in fellowship with our Futurists Department colleagues, are pleased to announce imminent plans to develop SteamPunk Hockey for the Apple iPad. Improving our game for you, gentle player, is constantly at the top of our daily docket rolls. New features are planned and tested by the finest minds, instruments, and courage […]

SteamPunk Hockey with App Relief to benefit Haiti

Jan - 21 2010

SteamPunk Hockey sales from 21.10.2010 to 24.01.2010 will be donated to the Red Cross in support of the people of Haiti in their time of need. SteamPunk Hockey iTunes purchase link: Please visit to view participating developers and perhaps make a charitable donation directly or through the purchase of a game.

Audiophonic Report

Jan - 20 2010

Steampunk Hockey Central Works has received reports from the Audiophonics department that game sounds have been worked into SteamPunk Hockey! Players may choose to mute selectively the background music and sound effects according to whim or desire. Audiophonics has game sounds in testing presently, and will be supplying them with the next update to you, […]

20/01/2010 Proceeds to be donated to Haiti

Jan - 18 2010

Sales proceeds from January 20, 2010  will be donated to Doctors Without Borders in support of Haiti. purchase link: SteamPunk Hockey SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is participating in IndieRelief’s promotional effort to raise money for the families in distress in Haiti after the 7.0 earthquake devastated homes and took lives there recently. Donation will be […]

SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone v1.1.0 update is Live!

Jan - 13 2010

Planning is proud to announce SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone v1.1.0 update has been released from Central to the App Store.

Our Mechanics Are Tinkering

Jan - 07 2010

Players will now be able to install game obstacles or remove them at a moment’s notice

SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is LIVE in the App Store!

Jan - 05 2010

We are pleased to announce that SteamPunk Hockey for iPhone is now available in the App Store. To view at your leisure and purchase, presently click: SteamPunk Hockey We sincerely hope you enjoy our offering!